How Christianity has Changed
Examining the influence of politics, culture, and traditions.

Early Christian Church:

When Did the Disciples of Jesus Stop Observing the Old Testament Laws?
Before Jesus died, his disciples followed the laws of Moses.  The evidence in the book of Acts shows that the early Christians continued to follow God's Old Testament instructions for many years.   (revised April '03)


How the Apostles were Expelled from Christianity
A hundred years after the church was founded in Jerusalem, a controversy raged within the congregation.  The outcome was a doctrinal turnaround with far-reaching consequences.


Paul Taught Torah 
Understanding Paul's teachings within the context of his lifestyle.  
(updated July '03)

  The Fiscus Judaicus  by Christopher O'Quin
Historical evidence shows how Christian Church doctrine developed in large measure, not from New Testament teaching, but rather as a reaction to a first-century Roman tax called the Fiscus Judaicus (Jewish Tax).
The Torah is not the Law  by Mark R. Ensign     ( PDF file )
Under the influence of Greek culture, God's loving instructions were forced into a framework of legal terminology.  That change has affected not only our theology, but also our personal response to God and his teachings.

New Testament passages
in the Original Context:

Colossians 2:14 - What was Nailed to the Cross?


2Corinthians 3 - A look at Paul's often-misunderstood discourse on the superiority of Spirit-based qualifications.

Other Topics:

Are you sure you're a Gentile?
You had millions of ancestors.  There's a good chance that some of them were Israelites.


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